Window Tint

Window Tinting

Style My Ride offers a wide range of window tinting solutions for automotive applications. Whether it’s for luxury vehicles, utes, or home or office applications, Style My Ride offers high quality, commercial grade tinting solutions capable of reducing heat by more than 50 percent, and blocking UV by up to 99 percent.

Our window tinting solutions are flexible and easy to install, providing durable UV resistance all while protecting your privacy. Our window tints are water resistant, and will not fade, chip, crack or peel. They are easy to clean with water and easily removable, and will not scratch your window.

Window Tint Benefits

Heat Reduction – Cars are susceptible to high levels of heat, especially when left exposed to the sun for extended periods. The solar control qualities in automotive window tint solutions are capable of reducing the high temperature inside a car, offering better comfort for the driver and passengers. Moreover, this reduction of heat enhances a car’s fuel efficiency, as drivers can reduce their dependence on air conditioning for comfort.

Glare Reduction – Glare while driving is not only distracting, it’s also a potentially dangerous problem. Window tinting solutions offer an excellent way to reduce the level of annoying glare penetrating the car window, helping improve safety and greatly reducing the level of strain on the yes.

UV Blocking – Frequent exposure to the sun’s UV rays causes serious damage to skin. Furthermore, it can also damage your car’s interior, with furnishings such as dashboards, seats, electronic devices, and even floor mats wearing faster when exposed to UV. Window tinting solutions can block out up to 99 percent of UV rays, protecting you and your passengers, while helping preserve your car’s interior to boot.

All window tint solutions at Style My Ride come with FREE express shipping, and 100-day returns. Order now!


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