Matte Vinyl Car Wraps

Style My Ride offers Matte Vinyl Car Wraps designed to give your car or motorbike a new matte finish for a fraction of a new paint job, all while protecting your actual paint against daily wear and tear. Our Matte Vinyl Car Wraps are made from commercial grade high-density urethane vinyl films, and can be used to wrap cars and motorcycles to protect paint, and as decal stickers for bonnets, boot lids, mirrors, laptops, walls, and windows—just about anywhere you can place a sticker.

Style My Ride’s high quality Matte Vinyl Car Wraps are easy to customise, allowing you to style your car or motorbike in any way you want. Our wraps are also flexible and can be installed on your own, stretching with heat.

All Matte Vinyl Car Wraps on Style My Ride offer durable resistance against UV rays, water, fading, chipping, cracking, and peeling. These vinyl wraps are easy to clean with water and easy to remove without damaging your paint.

Matte Vinyl Car Wrap Uses

A matte finish paint job is a simple but eye-catching feature to have on your car or motorbike. Unfortunately, it can be expensive. Make your car stand out for only a fraction of the cost of an actual paintjob with Style My Ride’s Matte Vinyl Car Wraps. Another benefit of a vinyl car wrap is that once you’re tired of the way it looks—or once it becomes unfashionable—simply peel it off to revert to your vehicle’s original paint job.

Style My Ride offers a wide range of Matter Vinyl Car Wraps. Our popular matte wraps include the classic Matte White Vinyl Car Wrap, and Matte Black Vinyl Car Wrap, and more recently, the Matte Gold Vinyl Car Wrap, and Matte Silver Vinyl Car Wrap.

All Matte Vinyl Car Wraps at Style My Ride come with FREE express shipping, and 100-day returns. Order now!

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