Brushed Vinyl Car Wraps

Give your car or motorbike an edgy and remium look with Style My Ride’s Brushed Vinyl Car Wraps. Each product under wide range of Brushed Vinyl Car Wraps is designed to offer your vehicle a bold and luxurious look without the actual cost of a brushed finish paintjob.

All Brushed Vinyl Car Wraps on Style My Ride are made from commercial grade quality, high-density urethane vinyl films, compatible with race cars, customs vehicles, hot rods, and exotic factory paints. All our vinyl wraps offer durable paint protection, great for bonnets, boot lids, mirrors, laptops, walls, and windows.

Style My Ride’s high quality Brushed Vinyl Car Wraps are customisable, allowing you to personalize your vehicle whichever way you choose. All our vinyl wraps are flexible and easy to install on your own, stretching with heat.

All Brushed Vinyl Car Wraps on Style My Ride have durable UV resistance and are resistant to water, fading, chipping, cracking, and peeling. These vinyl wraps are easy to clean with water and easily removable, and will not scratch your car decal when removed.

About Brushed Vinyl Car Wraps

If you love the look of silver but also want something different and more luxurious, Style My Ride’s Brushed Vinyl Wraps are what you need for your car or motorbike. Available in Chrome Brushed Gold Vinyl Car Wrap, Chrome Silver Brushed Metal Vinyl Car Wrap, Dark Grey Charcoal Brushed Vinyl Car Wrap , Gold Metal Brushed Vinyl Car Wrap, Light Grey Brushed Vinyl Car Wrap, and more, our brushed vinyl wraps keep the silver metallic look, but do it a unique way. Our brushed vinyl wraps are of the highest quality, easy to apply, and look just like the real thing.

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